Jaxx Liberty is a multi-currency wallet, an updated and feature-rich version of the Jaxx wallet from Decentral Inc. Launched in 2016 as the Jaxx Classic wallet, it has undergone a number of upgrades and operational adjustments over the years that have transformed it into a cryptocurrency ecosystem. And you can create your own jaxx liberty web wallet here.

Jaxx has advanced features such as a built-in exchange, live news monitors and market data / portfolio trackers. It also boasts an experienced development team led by Anthony Di Iorio. The Canadian entrepreneur was the first CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Digital Commerce and also a co-founder of Ethereum. His leadership has been instrumental in the ever-growing popularity and reputation of the Jaxx Liberty wallet. And all this sets Jaxx Liberty apart from other multicurrency cryptocurrency wallets that only serve as depositories for digital currencies.

Key features of the Jaxx Liberty Wallet

User-friendly interface: The Jaxx Liberty wallet has one of the friendliest user interfaces. And one of its key features includes a unified dashboard system that allows users to view and interact with all of the wallet’s key features and digital assets on a single screen.

Shapeshift Integration: Unlike most other wallets that require multiple transfers to and from the exchange every time you want to convert your coins to another currency, Jaxx Liberty integrates shapehift technology. Shapeshift is a built-in exchange that allows Jaxx Liberty wallet users to convert their digital assets from one coin to another in the wallet app.

Multi-platform support: Jaxx Liberty is very versatile and integrates with almost all popular operating systems. There are different versions for Windows, macOS and Linux desktop operating systems. The wallet is also available in Android and iOS smartphone app versions, as well as via a Chrome browser extension.

Market Data Tracking: One of the most valuable additions to the Jaxx Liberty wallet not available in its predecessors is the market data tracker. It allows you to follow market trends, compare price changes and track the market cap of different coins in real time in the app.

Has a portfolio tracker: The unified dashboard not only provides a view of your cryptoassets, but also contains portfolio tracking tools. This allows you to track the value of your portfolio in real time without leaving your wallet app.